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Upcoming Events

  • Includes training by former coach of the Indian National Team to the World Schools Debating Championships
  • Zonal Level Qualifications
  • Teams of 2
  • Grades 6-9

  • Top 3 essays will be published in Freedom Gazette
  • Includes Writing workshop by Editor in Chief of
Freedom Gazette
  • Grades 9-12

  • Regular Practice with student debaters from around the world
  • Make friends across borders
  • Grades 6-12

How does a child pick their course, University and career path?

We believe that children and parents have lots of questions about the evolving career landscape, and we are here to bridge the gap.

Ask Them Anything is a series of private webinars with alumni of prestigious universities and industry experts so parents and students can question, explore and make the right decisions!

About Learnable

Extracurricular activities teach kids skills that stay with them for a lifetime. While exploration of several different activities is essential, it is equally important to focus on a few of them and develop competence in them. Learnable is not just another extracurricular activity platform- its so much more. We want to see students excel, nationally and globally in every activity they pursue. We carefully curate our offerings and mentors to ensure that each student learns from the very best, continuously.

Spear-headed by the ex-co-founder of Debate India, Learnable helps students build an overall portfolio of extracurricular activities. These activities will not only help the student secure university admissions into their dream courses, but also give them a headstart when they get there.

About The Founder

Jaya Jain is the ex-founder of Debate India. She currently coaches the Moroccan National Debate Team and has been the former coach of the Indian National Debate Team at World Schools Debating Championships.

An Asian Semifinalist debater, Jaya has debate credentials in 10 countries spanning 3 continents. Jaya believes in nurturing students with individual attention, empathy and patience.

She has coached a Rhodes Scholar, and current students and alumni from Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, UPenn, UCL, Warwick, Ashoka, IIT Bombay, BITS Goa, National Law School Bangalore, NALSAR, GNLU and other leading universities.